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It is Rick and Morty !!! | 是瑞克和莫蒂了啦 !!!

不知不觉,又是一年没了,第七季 R&M 就这样告一段落了,R&M 陪伴我高中到研究生,R&M 作为2023年追剧最后一集,也作为我学生时代最后一集,10年时光冉冉,完结撒花~ The seventh season of R&M has come to the end, the show, which has accompanied me from high school to master. This is the last episode of R&M Seventh Season, and also the the last episode while I was a student. Rick and Morty, a hundred years. Forever....

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For amost 10 years, the show Rick and Morty, the main-plot line has reached its tail, brings me not only nihilism but also the life.将近10年,瑞克莫蒂的主线终于告一段落,带来不仅仅是虚无主义更多的是生活。 曾记得在《黑客帝国》中说过“一切都有它的结局”。这次R&M意外的结局,让我只叹时间之飞逝,白马过隙,已经快10年了。...

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