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Power Dragon also a.k.a as the dragon`s force is the tree hole site affiliated to Dragon King which is the sibling site of RedNest.CN.
For Red Nest is his professional profiles site, including technical blogs; Dragon King is his own profile site, just his personal profile; Power Dragon is his tree hole site, including collections, misc, and random stuff.

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不知不觉,又是一年没了,第七季 R&M 就这样告一段落了,R&M 陪伴我高中到研究生,R&M 作为2023年追剧最后一集,也作为我学生时代最后一集,10年时光冉冉,完结撒花~ The seventh season of R&M has come to the end, the show, which has accompanied me from high school to master. This is the last episode of R&M Seventh Season, and also the the last episode while I was a student. Rick and Morty, a hundred years. Forever....

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Humpy,小汉语录, Sir.Humpy: How are things at the Campaign for the Freedom of Information? Sir.Arnold: Sorry, I can't talk about that. 信息自由运动怎么样了? 我无权透露这些。 We will give them every support, short of help. In stage one we say nothingis going to happen. Stage two, it may happen, but we should do nothing. 我们给以他们一切支持除了帮助。 第一步,我们说屁事没有。 第二步,也许有点事,但是我们啥也不用管。...

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2~3千画个角色设计,翻车了,f ** k, 原本以为非买断,2~3千应该够了吧,妈的真的是应翻尽翻,也是,高端这玩意没钱就别碰瓷,3 ~ 5年这种高级画师,工资2万一月,不比程序员低,是我的问题,我是傻逼。也是这种高级工程师级别的人,怎么会来应征几千的破玩意实习的钱真玩不起哎~,我是傻逼!!!...

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1791-12-05, the one of the most talent artist who has pasted. Now today, it is the 2023-12-05, Let us to remember this eminent apostle artist of God, a requiem could be suffice, may it appease our soul. Why every eminent geniuses die young, in some ways, how to say? The world is sophisticated which is constructed by those gifted architects, bring us beauty and harmony, and create treasures of those artefacts. ...

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For amost 10 years, the show Rick and Morty, the main-plot line has reached its tail, brings me not only nihilism but also the life.将近10年,瑞克莫蒂的主线终于告一段落,带来不仅仅是虚无主义更多的是生活。 曾记得在《黑客帝国》中说过“一切都有它的结局”。这次R&M意外的结局,让我只叹时间之飞逝,白马过隙,已经快10年了。...

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The Power Dragon is the tree hole site affiliated to Axe Dragon which is the sibling site of Red Nest and also affiliated to draconian jhTLD, the Jun Hong Industry([jun.red](http://jun.red)) cyber brand as one of his permanent digital assets. 注册了个牛逼的域名(PowerDragon),正好服务拆分一下,这个网站上就放点非技术类的内容,RedNest继续放技术内容。...

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